Talking with Your Hands

"Do you speak a language besides English?" I asked the young lady at the checkout in Home Depot. 

"I sure do!" she was quick to reply. "My parents are deaf and I speak American Sign Language." 

"That's so amazing," I said. I used to live in Cambodia and I knew there are many different sign languages in the world, not just one. I also have learned that very few among the Deaf are followers of Jesus and that most churches do not have translation available for the Deaf.

I was ready to leave, but I knew she'd be excited about this website because we have a page packed with good resources for the Deaf both in American Sign Language and other sign languages. Check it out here.

Look at the different sites on the page to watch Sign Language in action. You might want to start learning to sign and there are 8 recommended sites for learning sign language on this page as well.   

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